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Give Your Family
A Splash of Fresh Air

Let Eco Probiotic Systems help you achieve a level of clean and freshness never experienced before in your home.

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About Eco Probiotic Systems

Eco Probiotic Systems makes it easier for you to protect what you hold most sacred, with our organically-grown probiotic strain known as Bacillus ferment.  The strain works on an infinitesimal level and constantly releases a plethora of tiny-sized probiotics that cleanse the air and surfaces.


Thus, making sure your home or business’ environment is healthy. This proven method uses the power probiotics offer via air purifier systems to remove the organic matter – dead skin cells, dust mite excrement, and pollen – found on all kinds surfaces. With Eco Probiotics Systems’ line of purifiers, you can improve any building’s air quality and the purity of its surfaces. It will also help in decreasing and preventing offensive odors that microbes and other contaminates often cause.

Return balance to your indoor spaces with helpful probiotics, using our all-natural, chemical-free purifiers. It’s not just safe for humans but pets too.  

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  • Cleaner Mattresses

    Dust mites feed off dead skin cells while you sleep! As time goes by their numbers multuply and add pollutants to your mattress. Probiotics are the good bacteria thrive on. Who are you sleeping with tonight?

  • Happier kids and pets

    Dogs and cat are covered in dander composed of microscopic shed skin cells which is common allergy trigger. Eco Probiotic Systems products manage the reduction of resources that such allergens thrive on.

  • Cleaner Surfaces

    Eco Probiotic Systems “discharge” a plethora of tiny probiotics into the air, which gets into even the most difficult spaces – dish sponges, toothbrushes, bathroom grout, keyboards, etc.

  • Cleaner Pillows

    Your pillow has more fungus on it than your toothbrush – sounds gross, right? It’s because fungus proliferates in a warm environment. However, with an Eco Probiotic Systems, you can eliminate their source and get a much better sleep.

  • Cleaner Toys

    Your children’s toys are wonderful sources for bacteria and mold to grow. However, with Eco Probiotics Systems, you can give your children a much cleaner environment with clean toys to match.